We were very privileged to be asked to speak at the ‘Add To Basket’ Conference in Dublin just over a week ago, an event organised by IBEC Retail Skillnet in association with Retail Ireland to highlight the urgent need for retailers with a physical presence in Ireland to get a larger share of the country’s growing online market.

Watch our very own Marketing Manager, Aaron Flanagan deliver a presentation describing the benefits trading online currently offers.


Windows XP D Day Is Here, Thankfully We’re Prepared!

You may have read our post a little while back regarding the potentially catastrophic shut down of Windows XP support and what this means for retailers using Windows XP for POS. If not you can find the article at the following link Is Windows XP POS’ Ticking Time Bomb? 

So today is the day when Microsoft will finally end support for Windows XP, their most successful and long surviving operating system to date. The fact that almost 1/4 of Windows users are still using XP hasn’t deterred Microsoft as many thought it would. As of today, XP will no longer receive updates, including critical fixes and security fixes essentially meaning that the system will from today be a wide open target for hackers, exploiters and anybody else on the more nefarious end of computing. 

For AirPOS users we have good news and many options should you decide to upgrade or move away from Windows all together. AirPOS is fully compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows 8+ making migration just a little bit easier. However there are a couple of considerations ahead of upgrading your Windows:

1) Will my peripherals such as receipt printers be compatible with Windows 7 and 8? 

In most cases drivers will be available for your POS peripherals will already be available for Windows 7 and 8. You can check your model numbers for Epson and Star Micronics. For other manufacturers please see their respective websites for details. AirPOS will use your installed driver to print as always, so if there is a manufacturer driver available you’re ready to roll. Our guide to setting up printers is available on our support Wiki at

2) Will AirPOS work on my upgraded machine?

AirPOS will work as normal on Windows 7, 8 and later. Unfortunately there is no simple upgrade path available from Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8 and most likely a fresh install of your new version of Windows will be the simplest path to an upgrade. 

Microsoft have provided a tool to help determine if your current machine will be capable of operating Windows 8. You can find the Windows Upgrade Assistant tool here:

The process for a seamless transition for AirPOS is as follows:

1) Make sure that all of your days sales have synchronised to your online backoffice before beginning the Windows upgrade.

2) After installing your new version of Windows, simply reinstall the AirPOS Windows App and login as normal. AirPOS will pick up from where it left off previously.

3) Use our Windows Printer Setup Guide to install drivers for your printers that are compatible with your new version of Windows.  

Of course if you have decided not to continue with Windows our Android and iPad versions are available. Or alternatively you can purchase an entirely new POS hardware package via


And the winner is…

Throughout February and March, we ran a competition to win a Google Nexus 7 fully loaded with AirPOS for Android and the results are in folks!

Before we announce the lucky winner, we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part - the response was great. Technology has created smarter shoppers and with your help, we’re creating smarter shopkeepers!

Anyways, on to the real reason you’re reading this blog. The lucky winner of the new Google Nexus 7 loaded with AirPOS is (drum roll please)…

- Peter Jones from The Eden Centre

As part of the prize, The Eden Centre will also be a featured case study on our website which you’ll be able to read here in the upcoming weeks. We look forward to seeing how AirPOS on the Nexus 7 will help Peter in The Eden Centre.

Well done again Peter, we hope you enjoy your awesome prize!

The team @ AirPOS


Introducing ePOS Pack - Europe’s first and most affordable complete mobile POS, Payments and Hardware Package!

We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of ePOS Pack - Europe’s first and most affordable complete mobile POS, Payments and Hardware Package starting from only £700!

ePOS Pack is an out-of-the-box mobile POS and payments package that includes everything you need to run your business and start selling in minutes.

Ideal for use in retail establishments, cafes, coffee shops, mobile catering or anywhere else that a mobile point of sale is required, our range of ePOS packs are enabling modern shopkeepers to process transactions, take secure payments and use powerful analytics to transform and grow their business.

With AirPOS as the sales management platform, EPOSability as the hardware and services supplier and payleven for mobile frictionless payments, ePOS Pack is the complete mobile ePOS solution that SME retailers and merchants in the UK need to operate a modern, cost-effective, successful business.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your POS hardware and looking to purchase a complete mobile POS and payments package, then look no further than ePOS Pack - our brand new hardware store that offers all the essential hardware a business needs, at a price point that is the cheapest on the market.

> Visit ePOS Pack NOW


AirPOS Super Shopkeeper for March - Meet Andy Agnew, Manager at the Black Knight Gaming Centre

Located in Larne, The Black Knight Gaming Centre is a great place for gamers of all ages and abilities to meet, play and form friendships with like minded folk.

But why AirPOS? Well The Black Knight Gaming Centre needed a truly joint up ePOS and e-commerce multichannel sales solution that was both easy to manage and simple to use.

We were happy to help and now almost 2 years on, Black Knight Manager, Andy Agnew had this to say about his AirPOS experience to date;

"AirPOS is brilliant - It’s quick, easy and simple to use and is really helping us run our business more efficiently"

So if you enjoy wargames, RPGs, card games, board games, tournament play or just a bit of fun, then the Black Knight Gaming Centre is just the place for you.

We blog about our customers every few weeks and if you’d like to get involved as one of our featured shopkeepers, just email


A big year for AirPOS at RBTE 2014 and Introducing


You may or may not know RBTE (Retail Business Technology Expo.) If you don’t it’s the UK’s largest and most forward thinking retail technology trade event held in March at Earl’s Court in that sweet city of London. 

This year RBTE was a little bit different. On our previous outings we were always looking out for the new breed of retail technology startups, companies like AirPOS who are pushing retail forward, mining the depths of the latest technologies and cloud capabilities to do things either better, cheaper, or more effectively or, ideally, doing things that have simply never been done before.

In previous years, RBTE has felt a little bit like the industry backslapping event for the companies who have dominated the retail technology space for a quarter of a century, whilst the new breed hadn’t quite emerged yet into the light, facing down the big guys with new products, new thinking and new ways.

2014 however was different. In every nook and cranny a start up was lurking, selling their fresh wares. At the talks subjects such as loyalty and customer facing technologies were dominant reflecting the new consumer facing retail technologies that are springing up like wildflowers and offering ever more affordable and valuable services and products, especially to the small retailer. 

Meanwhile web giants such as PayPal who are now firmly focused on the retail space took a stand, quite literally, with their newest wares on display at a networking lounge and cafe that dwarfed almost everything in the place. 


We were very fortunate to be offered a space at the most prominent stand of them all, the Star stand, which has stood loud and proud at the front entrance since RBTE began. This year, in a visionary move, Star hosted a number of their start up partners bringing a variety to their offering that brought attention from across the board. They had AirPOS, Intelligent POS, iospos from Belgium and many others displaying their apps and Star integrations on a stand that made Epson’s neighbouring stand look frankly pedestrian in comparison. Smart folk, and truly stars each and every one of them. 

And RTBE 2014 was a big big year for us at AirPOS. We got to display our recently released iPad version of AirPOS for the first time to the world, and it went down a storm. We also launched the UK’s first Android ePOS package ePOSPack with our partners at Payleven, Epson, Star and ePOSability. A full ePOS implementation for under £1000 including the tablet? You got it.

Our friend Scott, a leading hardware reseller in the UK and just about the most experienced man in retail technology we’ve ever met, said “this will fly.” We hope he was right, and if so we’ll buy the beers next time Scott.

All round a great trip, and an enlightening experience. We’re off to follow up with some of the amazing potential partners we met and to play with some of the new tech we were generously given. And then we’ll get back to the business of making a retail technology platform to die for…


AirPOS Super Shopkeeper for February - Meet Imogen Makin, Operations and Design Manager at Rockflower

Rockflower combines retail and vending of fresh flowers!

Located in the forecourt of London Blackfriars station, Rockflower is an exciting flower buying experience that offers both a retail outlet and a vending machine of designer, affordable flower bouquets - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But why AirPOS? Aware that traditional ePOS systems were outdated, Imogen Makin, Operations and Design Manager began the search for a solution that like Rockflower was modern and mobile.

"We are a new company and we did extensive research, but only AirPOS could meet our individual needs."

Imogen comes from a retail background and when we asked her about how AirPOS compared to other systems she’d used, she told us;

"When I first used AirPOS I was just so amazed at how user friendly and easy to use it was!"

Rockflower opened in January 2014 and since installing AirPOS, it’s proved invaluable according to Imogen who summarised her experience to date;

"One of our big problems was that because we’re a kiosk, we wouldn’t have a traditional till set up, we would need to run payments through a tablet to keep us mobile and able to move around the kiosk freely to interact with customers. We also wanted a program that combined the actual point of sale process; as well as the added benefits like inventory, stock control and reporting."

We blog about our customers every few weeks and if you’d like to get involved as one of our featured shopkeepers, just email


AirPOS Super Shopkeeper for January - Meet Cintia Gough, Owner of Jeanie Jewellery

Born in South Brazil, Cintia Gough moved to England in February 2000 having had big success with craft fairs in Brazil. With a passion for all things handmade and her love of jewellery, Cintia opened Jeanie Jewellery in Newport, Shropshire selling bespoke handmade jewellery and accessories to the UK public and beyond.

From jewellery made in crochet with sewing thread & wire to jewellery made with cornflour and PVA glue, it’s Cintia’s mission to create unique pieces using unusual material and techniques, bringing locally, handmade goods back into the high street.

Prior to AirPOS, Cintia was recording her sales by pen and paper. When selling at markets, fairs and pop up events, Cintia had to write all of her sales down by hand and then input this information into a spread sheet when she got home. According to Cintia, this was a very time consuming and frustrating process.

But why AirPOS? Well it was becoming clear that Cintia needed a solution that would not only allow her to process transactions but also help control inventory better. In February 2013, Cintia found AirPOS - exactly what she’d been searching for;

"With Airpos I can register all my items individually with codes, descriptions and photos. It also helps me to keep track of what I make and sell."

Another bonus for Jeanie Jewellery was the portable nature of AirPOS. Cintia can now take her Android tablet running AirPOS to her customers and serve them quicker and easier at trade fairs and pop up events. The AirPOS solution has since proved invaluable to Cintia who summarised her experience to date;

"It has been a great experience using Airpos. It has made my life easier."


AirPOS Features in the Observer and the Guardian Among UK’s Hottest Tech Start Ups

On the day that Belfast is unveiled as the UK’s happiest city we are proud to say that AirPOS was featured in both the Observer newspaper and the Guardian Online this week as being among the UK’s hottest start ups.

This made us smile :) (like most people in Belfast it seems…) 


AirPOS Super Shopkeepers for 2013


It’s during this Holiday season that we take an extra moment to reflect on the past year and express our thanks. Whilst it’s great to think about the good things that’ve happened at AirPOS this year - from launching the Advanced Package with an array of new features, releasing the new backoffice (with all the bells and whistles) and more recently, being announced as the first ePOS company in Europe to feature new in-store payments by PayPal. The most valuable thing to us is working with you, our valued customers. Without your continued support, we could not have come this far. A massive thanks for helping us grow!

With that in mind, our final blog of 2013 will take a look back at all of our Super Shopkeepers to see how AirPOS has helped you over the past 12 months.

"When we opened in January 2013, AirPOS was installed from Day 1 and we can’t imagine working without it."

Nick Lyon, Owner of Highland Bottle Shop

"The AirPOS staff and help desk is second to none, and this has given me the confidence to sign up and use the AirPOS software"

Sarah Whiteley from Walking on Waves

“AirPOS enables my staff to serve customers with confidence - without having to refer to a price list and is also helping increase customers confidence in my business.”

Nicola Moger, owner of the Cafe2U francise in Darlington

"AirPOS has significantly reduced the time our customers have to wait when putting through sales or responding to stock enquiries. We also had no inventory control before but now with AirPOS we have our entire stock at our fingertips and it’s a breeze to update any items."

Neil Kelly, I.T. Technician at goto iT

"Being able to see sales through cloud servers at anytime and anywhere is a great help and provides us with the ability to monitor stock - in real-time"

Peter Unitt, founder of Rubis Coffee Lounge & Bar

"AirPOS is really helping us solve the problem of running a good inventory system. Great guys!"

Ciaran Smyth, Owner of Voodoo Bar

"AirPOS being mobile has been a revelation on this front as we are able to take the till to the customers and serve them quicker and more professionally without them having to wait around.”

Ashley Meads, Head Office Manager at Flavour Vapour

"We designed the retail system from the ground up with AirPOS in mind as we realised early on that traditional Epos systems are outdated, clunky and expensive. AirPOS is easy to use, great value and allows us to view real time sales and reports from anywhere in the world allowing us to be agile in our approach, and make grounded decisions quickly in response to sales trends. We are delighted with it so far."

Jason O’ Callaghan, Owner of The Roasted Road Coffee

It’s clear that modern merchants depend on retail technology providers to deliver the latest, most innovative technologies to grow their business and AirPOS have long-since been advocates of redefining ePOS for the modern retail world. Our aim is and always will be to bring you a constantly evolving platform that will keep pace with technological advances into the New Year and beyond. We hope you share our excitement with what’s coming next and that you’ll stick with us for a long time to come. Again a sincere thank you. We wish you a very happy and prosperous 2014 and look forward to working with you in the New Year.


The team @ AirPOS

We blog about our customers every few weeks and if you’d like to get involved as one of our featured shopkeepers, just email

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